Hawaiian Mystery-Detective book

If you’re looking for a great mystery that’s hard to put down, please give this one a look. It has action, adventure, sharks, a hired killer, grave robbers and other great characters, plus lots of twists and turns. I think you’ll like it: https://www.amazon.com/Revenge-Shark-God-Jennifer-Crites/dp/B09H95KQL1/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Revenge+of+the+shark+god&qid=1638766346&sr=8-1

Here are a couple of reviews for this book:

“James Bond has nothing on Detective Lili’uokalani, or Lily, Graham who doggedly pursues the murderer of a wealthy socialite found floating belly-up in an aquarium. She narrowly escapes death in several heart thumping instances refusing to let the killer get away. She gets into trouble with the law herself breaking all the rules to get to the bottom of the crime. The story is set in contemporary Hawai’i. Snippets of Hawaiian mythology are sprinkled throughout in the telling. The author cleverly informs the reader of Hawaiian culture and tradition without being pedantic. Pidgin (the local dialect) in the dialogue gives an authentic feel to the characters. There is a pinch of magical realism hinting at spirit intervention that is in keeping with Hawaiian mythology. I was impressed with the author’s deep knowledge of the culture. If you have been to Hawaii, you will recognize physical locations detailed with great accuracy. I loved being on the Islands with Lily and friends and was totally caught up in the chase.”

Dec. 8, 2021: “

I can’t thank the author enough for sweeping me up in this Hawaiian mystery, “Revenge of the Shark God”. This tale not only engulfed me with intrigue but managed to make me feel like I was in the Hawaiian Islands soaking up the culture and scenery. Jennifer Crites knowledge of the local customs and culture wraps you in a sense of reality as the mystery unfolds. This will be one I read more than once.

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8 thoughts on “Hawaiian Mystery-Detective book

  1. Just in time! I needed a fresh read. Just downloaded it to my kindle.

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    • Awesome! Would love your feedback as you read or when you’re done.

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      • Jennifer, I posted a review of your book to Amazon and they rejected it but wouldn’t give specifics. I am trying to retrieve what I wrote so I can figure it out. I loved the book and worked hard on the review. Amazon is not my friend today.

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    • Hi SilkPurseProductions, I’m wondering if amazon rejected your review because I unpublished The Shark God’s Keeper and replaced it with “Revenge of the Shark God.” I would really love to have your review. Would you mind terribly posting it again under the Revenge title? (I replaced the old and put the new link above). It’s the same book. I just fixed the formatting and made a new cover, but please don’t tell amazon that. So many thanks :o)

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      • Jennifer, I have submitted another review so we will see what happens. Unfortunately, it isn’t as long or detailed as the original as that one was written while the book was still fresh in my mind.


  2. First of all, I love that you loved the book. As for Amazon, I agree with you. I’ve had nothing but trouble with them from the start of this book process. I reformatted the paper version with better font and spacing, and added an Acknowledgements page, but they’ve still got the old formatting showing on the Look Inside section. Plus, when you order, they are sending out the book in the old formatting, even after telling me that my new formatting was “Live.” I’ve written to them 3 times about this, but I just get a bunch of general garbage as response. Why they wouldn’t let you post a good review is beyond me. I think I’m going to have to un-publish the book and start again. It’s the KDP section of Amazon that is giving us all this trouble, so, KDP Amazon is not my friend today either. BTW, did you get the Kindle version or the paperback version?


  3. SPP, Thank you so much. I really appreciate the extra effort.


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