CBBH Photo Challenge: Repetition

East of Malaga offers an intriguing challenge for September, and so I again focus my lens on Hawaii, where repetition usually means colorful and fun. Usually….but not always.

flower lei gold and purple

Repeating patterns of gold and purple in these flower lei (In Hawaiian, there is no “s”—and no s added to singlular for plural)

seed lei

Lei again, but this time made of seeds.

ala wai canoe race

Dozens of outrigger canoe teams race along the Wla Wai canal at the back of Waikiki in a competition known as the Ala Wai Challenge.

Scottish Festival bagpipes

Yes, we have a Scottish contingent in Hawaii. Each year they break out the highland fling, haggis and bagpipes, staging their rousing Scottish Festival at Kapi’olani Park in Waikiki.

no annexation signs

Some Hawaiian groups want to separate from the United States and return to the Islands’ former status as a Pacific kingdom. These signs in front of ‘Iolani Palace in downtown Honolulu represent Hawaiian NO votes when annexaztion to the U.S. was proposed, then adopted in 1898.

Hula halau from Japan

Dozens of groups from around the Pacific region, including this hula halau from Japan, participate in the Honolulu Festival each year.

floating lanterns

The Hawaii Lantern Floating festival is held at Ala Moana Beach Park each year on Memorial Day to honor loved ones who have passed away. Each lantern holds a name and special message wishing the departed comfort in their spiritual journey. There is also a lantern floating festival following a bon dance at the Haleiwa Jodo Mission on Oahu’s North Shore.

My two selected blogs for this theme, I think are clever interpretations and so different—tires and beehive:

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23 thoughts on “CBBH Photo Challenge: Repetition

  1. What a lovely entry for this month´s challenge, Jennifer. Such a fascinating insight into the history of Hawaii and the stunning colours in the flowers and the canoe races! Of all your photographs, the one that captures my imagination the most is The Hawaii Lantern Floating festival – what a sight that must be to see!

    Thanks for your entry, Jennifer, and for introducing your readers to Paula and Tamara´s blogs 🙂

    Well done!


    • Thank you Marianne for hosting this challenge, and I’m glad I made it just under the wire. I can’t wait to look over more of this months entries.
      The history of Hawaii is indeed fascinating, and I’m thinking I should add more of it to future posts. What makes this place so special is its eclectic mix of cultures, and yes, the lantern floating is quite a sight. Thousands of people, taiko drumming performances, a solemn and beautiful ceremony, and then the releasing of hundreds of lanterns, each one dedicated to someone special.


      • I love reading all about places where people live. It´s an insight that many travellers don´t always see. That´s why I love writing my own blog – hopefully I can introduce others to more unusual places 🙂


    • Me, too, Marianne. It’s like having your own personal local guide who can show you everything that the tourists don’t usually see—the behind-the-scenes stuff.


  2. Jim

    The lanterns got my “best of” vote too. I think it’s the added dimension of emotion that tipped it. The canoe race also has that extra dimension – this time, determination.


    • Hi Jim. So good to hear from you, and I’m glad you’re checking in. The lantern ceremony is very emotional indeed. People carry their lanterns into the water, and many are crying as they set the lanterns adrift. It’s a very moving time. I participated once and sent a lantern out for my dad and another for a friend who died in a tragic accident.
      As for the canoe race, that’s all enthusiasm and, as you say, determination. The paddlers in each canoe are usually people who work together or have a common bond, as companies and organizations sponsor the canoes, so they’re not professionals, although they do train for the race.


  3. Lanterns bobbing on the water … just too romantic for words 🙂


  4. I appreciate this Jennifer, and I am glad you think my entry is clever .). I really like your submission. My best to you, Paula


    • My pleasure, Paula. I appreciate a clever twist and wonder, “why didn’t I think of that?” I hope it helped draw more people to your blog. Malama pono (take care).


      • Thank you. I am really very, very busy now, but will make sure to visit you again some time soon. Malama pono 🙂


  5. Loved the lantern floating pictures, what an incredible way to remember a loved one


    • Agree. It’s tangible and beautiful, engaging all senses and emotions. Our tv stations here broadcast the event for those who can’t make it (or who can’t find parking), but there’s nothing like being there in person. You can actually feel the love and sadness and hopefulness and happiness and so much more swirling around you as you wade into the water.


  6. I love the lanterns and the annexation signs – wonderful shots!
    and now I have another fab blog to enjoy too!


    • Thank you. And now that I’ve seen your entry…wow! So many great shots of repetition, and in a country I’ve always wanted to visit. Now I can enjoy your blog, too, and it will help prepare me for a trip to Portugal.


  7. Nice photos for the challenge!


  8. These are wonderful shots, suiting so much the theme of the photo challenge! I really love them! 🙂


  9. A dream like that will come true. See you when you get here 🙂


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