Jerry’s Retirement Party

This post is for all the Waikiki Aquarium gang who attended or wanted to attend Jerry’s retirement party on June 23, 2018. Mahalo to all of you for being there in person or in spirit. I thought this might be the best way to show you the pics I took.

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2 thoughts on “Jerry’s Retirement Party


    I tried to click on the pictures so I could see them better (they are pretty small in the email) but I’m a freak about privacy and don’t understand all the computer language and when I saw something about cookies I didn’t go any further.

    Looks like a nice party. I didn’t realize Jerry was retiring so thanks for letting me know. I’m sending him a card.

    Hope you’ll let us know what he plans to do in this new chapter of his life and if you are going to stay in Hawaii.

    Love to you both,




    • Hi Anita, I’m so glad you got to at least see the pics, but not sure why you can’t click to enlarge. You mentioned them being small in the “email,” But if you’re on my blog itself, clicking on the photos should work fine. (the “cookies” thing is always off-putting). Were you actually on my blog? If you try to click on the pictures from a notification, it won’t work. Try going to, then click on the title, “Jerry’s Retirement Party” Then you should be able to click and enlarge; big gray arrows on the right and left let you go from photo to photo. Let me know if it works. p.s. I’ll email you about Jerry’s post-job life. He’s loving it.


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