Pa’u Rider: Real Men Wear Lei (and so do their horses)



In this image I miraculously transported my pa’u rider from the shade trees of Ala Moana Park to the rugged Ka Iwi coast of Oahu, just past Hanauma Bay. (see previous pa’u rider post)

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17 thoughts on “Pa’u Rider: Real Men Wear Lei (and so do their horses)

  1. jan bellinger

    I love this! Horse and rider look so handsome.


  2. Nice job on the transporting.


    • Thanks silkpurse. On Star Trek they make it look so quick and easy. This transporting job took me about two hours. Then I had to transport him back so he wouldn’t miss the parade πŸ™‚


  3. Very macho! How’s the writing going Jennifer? I can tell that you’ve been busy with your photography; life is such a balancing act isn’t it. Have you checked out #MSWL – lots of agents are tweeting their wish lists today and your project ticks a lot of their boxes


  4. Speaking of balancing acts (and you’re so right), this year has been my very own crazy train. I usually write one travel guide; this year I’ve had two. And I foolishly signed up to write a Hawaii travel column for the So there’s plenty of writing going on (as well as photography), but not in the “novel” arena. It’s SO close to being finished (just a bit of editing) if only I could get to it. Many thanks for letting me know about the agents’ wish list. I looked at a few but saw mostly YA wanted, but I’ve bookmarked it to check again when I have a minute.


    • Wow…you are busy. Can I ask how you got in to writing travel guides ?? That sounds so interesting.


      • Hi Jo,
        Re the travel guides: Once upon a time I was managing editor at Aloha magazine here in Honolulu. A friend there was writing for Fodor’s Hawaii, but she was moving into other things so recommended me as replacement. Another guide found me on, of all things, my agent’s stock photo site, Photo Resource Hawaii, where all the photogs have bios. All were like that, so I sort of fell into it. I’m sure if there’s a guide you’re interested in doing, you can contact them and offer your services. They’ll usually want to see samples of your travel writing, so it’s imperative to have some, either to email them, or online. I did apply to Lonely Planet once, and they had me write a sample. They liked it, but took so long to get back to me, they wanted me to write another sample in their “new” style. I was on to other things by then. Writing travel guides is interesting in many ways, but also can be tedious b/c part of it is fact-checking all the existing entries. Lots of phone calls. The best part is adding new stuff, ’cause I like to be creative. Beware of starting a guide from scratch, though, b/c the deadlines can be killer. If you send out queries and get a bite, let me know and I’ll help you through the process.


      • I will Jennifer. I am looking at new ways to earn money while still doing what I love…writing/photography. And thank you for your incredibly generous offer to help. I really appreciate it.


      • My pleasure, Jo. And as for photography, you might want to check out Photographers Direct (a photo stock agency). They send out requests for certain photos, and you never know what will come alongβ€”maybe something you can shoot in your locale. Before they accept you, though, they want to see your portfolio. I’d say, go for it.


      • Looking in to now !! Thanks for the tip Jennifer.


  5. I love it! Especially the horse…


  6. Well aren’t you just too clever. I love it Jennifer.


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