Travel Theme: Texture

We may take it for granted, but, along with vision, hearing, smell and taste, touch is an invaluable sense. So how can a photographer express the sense of touch in a photograph? I hope the following images will evoke the feeling of touch through texture: the softness of a wool sweater, the rough surface of a cement fountain, the knobbly coldness of sculpted metal, fluffy duck feathers, a fish’s slippery scales. And if you should imagine the twinge of a splinter from rough-hewn wood, or the crisp and salt-crusted surface of a French fry, if you know what these objects feel like, the photos have served their purpose by awakening your own memories of texture and touch.

Which ones are your favorites?

Can you spot the ringer?

chair and dried flowers

Gold-painted wrought iron chair, dried flowers and wicker baskets, Norway


cozy sweater and scarf, Norway


knobbly clamshells, Norway

fishing net

fishing net, Norway

brick and wood house

brick and wood house, Brugge, Belgium

wrought iron flower

wrought-iron flower art, Brugge, Belgium

rusty buoys

rusty buoys, Norway


fish, Norway

duck feathers

duck feathers, Copenhagen, Denmark

fish sculpture fountain

cement fountain with metal sculpture, Copenhagen


viking beard and clothing, Copenhagen


weathered-wood farmhouses, Norway


reindeer fur, Norway

stage show

projected backdrop on stage

french fries

French fries

metal pipe sculpture, Norway

metal pipe sculpture, Norway

Belgian lace

Belgian lace


My husband’s shot of the tip of a glacier

wicker whisks in basket

wicker whisks in a basket

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34 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Texture

  1. What a great selection, my favourites are the shells, the feathers, the lace – need I go on?


  2. Nice shots; love the bird (duck?) closeup!

    –Love and LIberation–



  3. Lola "Tangerine" Dey

    I never knew rusted buoys could look so beautiful!


  4. Great shots! love the lace!


  5. I want those chairs for my house.


  6. Great images for the theme, Jennifer. I also love the lace. 🙂


    • Ahhh, another vote for the lace. Belgium is famous for it’s lace, and it seemed like every other shop in Brugge was a lace shop with the most amazing lacy stuff in the windows from doilies and clothing to wall hangings and even gift cards and bookmarks. (The shops in between were selling Belgium’s other famous item—chocolate. Yum.)


  7. Beautiful photos!!


    • Thank you, Krystle. There’s so much beauty in the world, I consider it my job to record that and pass it on so others can enjoy what I’ve found.


    • I’m blushing! Thank you again for the lovely compliment.
      You will love Norway: all the red-housed fishing villages, stunning fjords, reindeer, arctic sunsets, and they do a wonderful job with historic museums. Not just stuff sitting in glass cases, but museums where you can see and touch viking ships and wander through viking long houses, rustic log cabins with grass growing on the roofs (sometimes they put their goats up there to keep the grass down). Oslo is quite an interesting city, so I hope you’re going there. Just bring lots of money. Everything in Norway is expensive.


  8. Nobody’s spotted the ringer yet? It’s the one picture that looks like texture but actually isn’t.


  9. All fabulous – the shells and lace shots especially appeal to me!


  10. Wonderful “Texture” Thanks a lot for your comment. Regards


  11. Susan Abernethy

    The animals are my favorite. Not sure what they are! The look like deer.


  12. Oh my goodness I LOVE that lace! So beautiful…and the goose feathers…and the clamshells. And that fishing net looks like a sweater waiting to be knitted…


  13. Wow, I love your enthusiasm for all these textures. Doesn’t it just make you want to plunk your hands into the photos and feel the feathers, lace, everything? That’s the way I feel, anyway 🙂 That sweater you want to knit, by the way, is just my color.


  14. Hello, Jennifer! Thanks for taking a peek at my blog and liking “water motion & reflection”; appreciate the nod. Also, I really enjoy this set “texture”; very nice and unique shots!


    • Hi Laurie, I’m having a great time looking over your experimentation (and great results) with photos. You’re giving me some ideas. Now all I need is the time to play with them. So glad you’re enjoying some of my images as well.


  15. There are a lot of interesting and nice photos on your blog, Jennifer. I recognise the fish, by the way, since I have fished this a lot of times in the sea. It is a sei, in english coalfish, I believe.


    • Thank you bentehaarstad, and I enjoy your photos, too, especially since I just visited Norway this summer. Such a magnificent and interesting place, and so different from my home in Hawaii. And thank you for identifying the fish. I photographed it in Aquarium Poleria in Tromso.


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