Where in the World…?

Where in the world is this ancient community dwelling (interspersed with Christian churches)? If you know, please share your story and your thoughts about this place: How and when did you come to be there?


It’s in an ancient land where people lived above and below the ground.

Once the people embraced Christianity, but no more.

Most days, a flotilla of hot-air balloons hovers above the landscape.

You will see an occasional camel, which you can sit on and have your picture taken.

Shop for intricately decorated ceramics, leather coats, and carpets.

(Dallas, has Ahmet been here?)

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12 thoughts on “Where in the World…?

  1. Welcome back been waiting for your next Turkish post! And Ahmet is not a fan of having to walk anywhere and if he does, I guarantee he will moan about it whilst smoking fifty fags LOL


    • Thank you. It’s good to be back home. I’ll be writing more about the amazing place in this photo once I get sorted out.
      Your comments about Ahmet are so funny. Even though he would have to get to this place by bus, I take it that I won’t find any graffiti saying “Ahmet was here.” Isn’t that so true of men: sweet and sour; the charm comes with a few traits we’d rather do without.


  2. Welcome back. Is this Turkey? Photojournalist Frederic Larson’s week long class starts Wed. at UH (Pacific News Media)


  3. Hi Pat. Yep, it’s Turkey. But Turkey is a huge country, and I’m wondering if anyone knows where in Turkey. It’s a specific region, one that I would love to spend more time exploring.


  4. Is it Cappadocia? Its a place I have longed to visit…..Im still hoping I will get there !!! Beautiful shot!


    • Yea! You get the prize (if there was one). It is Cappadocia. The most amazing place. Be sure to spend a few days there when you finally get to go, and rent a car so you can get around. We only had one day on the tour and it was not nearly enough. If I get a chance to go again, I’m going to stay in one of the hotels built into the tuff. The rooms are darling and look like they might be in Hobbiton. I’ll do a full post on Cappadocia in the near future. Maybe more than one. I just loved it.


      • Fabulous! Its like a lunar landscape almost! Id love to stay there, Ive seen some fab shots of inside them, truly amazing! id love to do a balloon trip too, I will have to add it to my wishlist! great post!


    • That balloon ride is on my wish list, too, so I hope we both get to do it (and a stay at one of the tuff hotels). And speaking of lunar landscape, I have a shot of the full moon rising over Cappadocia, and it does look very otherworldly. Will post that one in the future. Thanks for the idea.


  5. Jenny Trozell

    I was there last year and it is truly remarkable 🙂


    • Indeed it is, Jenny. One of the very special places in the world. It should be added to the “Wonders of the World” list if it’s not already on.


  6. Cappadocia is one of my favourite places I go as often as I can.


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