Photo of the Day: Iguazu Falls—a Natural Wonder

Iguazu Falls, the Iguazu River and San Martin Island I’ll never forget the jolt of amazement when I rounded a bend on the elevated walkway and saw this view. To capture the breadth and the feeling of power emanating from such close proximity to the rushing water and billowing spray, I took four images, from side to side, and later stitched them together in Photoshop, creating this stunning panorama, which includes the Iguazu River and San Martin island.

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8 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Iguazu Falls—a Natural Wonder


    What country were you in when you took this picture?  I saw it from the Brazil side.  They say you should see it from all 3 countries but we didn’t have time.


    • Anita, we were on the Argentina side, on the Superior Trail. We had planned to go to the Brazil side, too, but couldn’t b/c we didn’t have the visa (which you have to get in advance). I’ve seen photos from the Brazil side, and there are amazing shots from there. Maybe there’ll be a next time. Have you posted some of your shots?

  2. Stunningly beautiful! It reminds me of something created for one of those Jules Verne movies.

    • The way the earth forms itself continues to amaze me, and Iguazu is a perfect example. I love your comparison. It really does have a journey-to-the-center-of-the-earth-landscape look, or maybe even an “Avitar-landscape” look.

  3. it really is stunning

    • You’re so right, Jo. No surprise that it’s on the new “Seven Wonders of Nature” list. Have you seen the new iPad commercial? It shows a guy filming at Iguazu Falls—a different viewpoint from this. I captured that viewpoint, too, and will post it shortly, with a bit more information on the Falls.

  4. Haven’t heard from you in a while Jennifer…hope everything is okay with you

    • Hi Jo, How sweet of you to ask. It’s been a bit rough for the past couple of months as I have a broken-off piece of disc gel that is pressing on my sciatic nerve causing pain, weakness and numbness down my leg and into my toes. Everything has been difficult: walking, standing, even sitting. The docs have been trying various things, but looks like I’m going to have back surgery soon to remove the gel piece. Hopefully that will work and I’ll be able to get back to my life (and catch up on everyone’s blogs) in a couple of months. I’ll be grateful for all the positive thoughts you can send my way :)

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