Argentina: The Journey Begins

Our flight path, from Miami to Buenos Aires

Our flight path, from Miami to Buenos Aires

Argentina is a country of contrasts. And it’s BIG. Boarding five internal flights in three weeks, we sampled four different locales: city life in Buenos Aires and a visit to a pampas estancia (ranch) where gauchos rule the range; the big-sky country of Patagonia at Trelew and the Peninsula Valdes area with its southern right whales, elephant seals, dinosaur skeletons, penguin colony at Punta Tombo, and even a Welsh village with tea shops; Iguazu Falls’ rainforest majesty; and Salta’s multi-colored mountains, cactus forests, salt flats, and high desert where I stood next to a llama and hoped it wouldn’t spit on me. It was all quite amazing, and I’ll be posting more about our adventures in this incredible country

But for now, let’s start with a pictorial gallery. Click on any image below the maps to start the slideshow.

Map of Argentina showing (in red)  the four areas we visited.

Map of Argentina showing (in red) the four areas we visited.

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9 thoughts on “Argentina: The Journey Begins

  1. Fantastic. I spent one night on Buenos Aires before heading south to Antarctica. It was enough time to catch some fantastic Tango. I look forward to more of your Argentinian adventure.

    • Thanks, ET :)
      Isn’t Buenos Aires fabulous! We were there for 5 days and couldn’t find time for a tango show, so it’s on the list for next time. Which one did you go to? And do they allow photos??
      p.s. Antarctica is on the list for next time, too. How was it?

    • ET, Thanks SO much for the link to 36 Billiards. It looks like such a neat place (and good food). I have to go there. Wish we had known about it. I like the “up close and intimate” part. Too bad they didn’t show any tango in the video. Do you have photos? or video?

      You did a super job on that Antarctica video. It looks amazing. How did you do all that fancy video editing? And those penguins—so cute. We did go to Punta Tombo penguin colony in Argentina (post coming up soon), but would love to see the one you went to. And you got some great shots.

      • Thank you for lovely, friendly comment.

        36 Billiards was great. I think we brought one ticket which was for the meal and the tango evening. Can’t remember the price but it was great value. We ate outside and watched life on the busy street pass us by, then the dancing for about two hours. We were able to talk to the musicians and dancers after. A very informal place – very ‘up close and intimate’.

        I do have a short piece of video (one minute) that I took on my small compact camera. I have just put it on YouTube:

        The Antarctica video was put together by ‘Photodex’ software. A fantastic piece of software.

        Here is a link to the full length Antarctica video I created (one hour) with my own soundtrack. The YouTube one you saw had a soundtrack taken from them because of copyright reasons.

        The link is:

        I have only used the transitions between the images for effects rather than work on the images themselves. There are other video examples at the link where you view some of the effects that Photodex is capable of.

        You may have to download the Photodex Viewer to view. It is only a minute or so and well worth it because you can view full page with little loss of quality – unlike YouTube.

        My Antarctica trip was a photography/diving expedition. We stopped off at several places such as Half Moon Island, Deception Island and Port lockroy so there were several different colonies with different types of penguins.

        One last link you may be interested in:!i=506712387&k=SJFhTL8

        This is where I hide my Antarctica photographs.

        Don’t know if you have time to chase up all the links above but thank you for showing an interest.

    • Hi ET, I was quite anxious to see your 36 Billiards video, but the link took me to a page that said I had to sign up for YouTube if I wanted to post something. Could be a glitch in the link. Can you send it to me again? I’ll definitely be checking out your other links, and appreciate knowing about Photodex. So you’re a diver. Neat. I did a little scuba diving when I was younger. I imagine the water was pretty cold in Antarctica? It does sound like a wonderful trip, and the photography possibilities are awesome. Yep, I gotta go :)

      • Just checked out your fabulous Antarctica seal and penguin photos and loved them. Besides being nature people, there’s something else we have in common: I’m on smugmug, too:

      • Not sure what happened with the YouTube link. Try this:
        It was probably my fault.

        I don’t want to disappoint but I was the photography part of the photography/diving expedition. I don’t fancy being stuck behind a mask! Photography is something I love. It really is an amazing place for photography – difficult to put into words.

        The tango clip is also part of the dvd I sent you the link to – if it works :-) The tango bit is the second minute of the dvd.

        Good to ‘talk’ to you.

    • ET, thank you, that link worked :) Marvelous tango. I used to dance tango myself, so it brought back great memories (not that I was as good as those dancers, by any means). And doing it on a narrow stage like that takes great talent and control (I probably would have fallen off).

      No disappointment. I do envy and admire those who take marvelous underwater shots, but I’m better off photographing on dry land myself, so we’re in agreement. I can’t wait to kick back, relax and enjoy your full video.

      Yes, indeed—good to “talk” with you, too. I appreciate the time you took to share with me.

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